Category: In the Studio

  • What I did for Sea Glass-Part One

    A Seaham stroll On the last day of 2017, I am finally sorting through the hundreds of photos shot on a sea glass trip to the UK this summer, with the goal of sharing some highlights with you before another year goes by. My friend Jane, who I visited in Sunderland in 2014 (read more […]

  • Auld Lange Syne Again

    Should Old Acquaintance be forgot and never thought upon The flames of Love extinguished and fully past and gone:   Is thy sweet Heart now grown so cold, That loving Breast of thine; That thou canst never once reflect on Old Long Syne? Robert Burns immortal poem reminds us to appreciate the virtues of reconnecting […]

  • Into the Wild

    Right now, the signs of Fall are everywhere in the  Pacific Northwest. Lately I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the woods, witnessing the changes of the season. And extra lucky to have as a forest companion an 84 year old man who has spent his life working in the […]

  • Sea Glass Safari

    “I tramp a perpetual journey.”-Walt Whitman, Song of Myself My sixteen year old daughter Sophia and I just returned home from a trip to the California coast. It was our first road trip together. We were headed to a Sea Glass Festival in Cayucos. I was one of forty other sea glass artists, writers, and […]

  • You Are Here

    Copper etching of Timber’s Mermaid I am writing this post on the Lunar New Year-goat or sheep-take your pick. (I choose goat.) Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are at a seasonal crossroads. The last weeks of winter linger, while the days grow longer and warmer. Everywhere signs of Spring are emerging: the sounds of […]