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  • From the Salt Spray Forest

    campsite at Kalaloch Yesterday the kids and I returned from a three day camping trip in the Olympic National Park. It is located on the Olympic peninsula, in Washington state. What follows are some journal entries and photos from our trip… “a momentary silence, a breath between waves colliding with large rocks on the beach…Thunder […]

  • Studio Time/Be-ing/Becoming

    Studio Time/Be-ing/Becoming

    It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been working on designs that take much longer to realize, as they are based on ancient metal working techniques. The key word here is Process. Working in the long, pre- summer evenings, enjoying the endless shadows stretched across the tide flats outside my […]

  • Something Old and Something New

    Something Old and Something New

    photo by Marcy Merrill Wedding rings are a great example of jewelry with meaning. Chosen with care to represent both individuals and their union to each other, it is always a great honor for me to work with a couple to custom design the rings that will signify their commitment  and love. Recently I made […]

  • places and traces

    For over thirty years I have lived in Tokeland. It has been the longest lasting relationship in my life, not counting my family-none of whom live remotely close to here (but they do enjoy visiting in the summer.) I came up here from Southern California when I was in my early twenties and found a […]

  • Oxygen

                          Sometimes people ask me what kind of set up I use for soldering. I like oxygen and propane, and use a Hoke torch. Today I am taking the empty oxygen tank into Aberdeen (the closest town to us of size, about 40 miles away)  to exchange it for a full one. About every couple […]