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  • Two Nights in Napoli

    After Vasto, we hopped on a bus and rode across the country from the Adriatic coast to the Bay of Naples. It was a rainy, three-hour ride. I was glad we’d cancelled the car rental and could relax and take in the scenery with no concerns. It was a nice way to transition from the […]

  • A Traveler in Italy: Vasto

    The dictionary says “when you savor something, you enjoy it to the fullest.”  More than any other single word I can think of, Savor describes the way I feel about my recent trip to Italy. I’m savoring the memories, the sights, the food, the great people, and already thinking about my return. Until then, I […]

  • Destinazione: Italia!

    Next week I’ll be setting my feet down for the first time in Vasto, Italy, the hometown of my grandfather. It’s located on the Adriatic coast, in the Abruzzo region.  Having heard about Vasto my whole life, it’s always been on my list of places to visit “someday” but thanks in part to my daughter […]

  • Summer Road Trips

    It is the very height of summer here in the Pacific Northwest.The weather has been perfect to unplug and get outside-for picnics, road trips and languorous rambles. To laugh and be silly. To dream. This is the concept/inspiration for the photos which follows.   The models for this shoot are a mother and daughter I […]

  • Jet Set Jewelry

    Over the past few months I have been taken on a vicarious world tour, via the photos of jewelry shared by customer’s on their travels to Greece, Russia, Mexico, India, the Galapagos Islands, New Mexico and more! Its quite a thrill to see jewelry made in my tiny Tokeland Washington studio end up in some […]