Studio Time/Be-ing/Becoming


It has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been working on designs that take much longer to realize, as they are based on ancient metal working techniques. The key word here is Process. Working in the long, pre- summer evenings, enjoying the endless shadows stretched across the tide flats outside my studio window, I savor the opportunity to slow down. To practice patience. Knowing that I won’t have a finished piece to to show for my time this evening- but I will have made progress in forming the metal that will eventually be part of something beautiful. Be-ing Becoming….

046013017009Step 1. It begins by the melting of silver scraps and casting into an ingot. Step 2. Twist in vise

Step 3. roll ridges down between two rocks, Step 4. hammer into rounded, tapering pieces.

Step Forever: anneal and repeat- repeat- repeat!

After A LOT of rolling, twisting, smoothing between rocks, the ingot becomes longer, eventually forming a taper at both ends…This is where surrendering to the process comes into play~

The tapered piece of silver is now ready to be formed into a ring shank or earrings….

Here’s to the beginning of Summer~may it be a wild and magical one!

Solstice Collection

bluemoon ringgreen ringancient hoops smallsolistice shoreline

blue banglesolstice ring marble

aqua22kt aqua necklacesolstice blue3 rings

stirrup hoops