Month: May 2013

  • Something Old and Something New

    Something Old and Something New

    photo by Marcy Merrill Wedding rings are a great example of jewelry with meaning. Chosen with care to represent both individuals and their union to each other, it is always a great honor for me to work with a couple to custom design the rings that will signify their commitment  and love. Recently I made […]

  • places and traces

    For over thirty years I have lived in Tokeland. It has been the longest lasting relationship in my life, not counting my family-none of whom live remotely close to here (but they do enjoy visiting in the summer.) I came up here from Southern California when I was in my early twenties and found a […]

  • Salt Water Jewelry

    A beautiful, clear sky this morning in Tokeland. Days like this are too rare for studio work. Before I head off for the beach, I would like to share a few very recent pieces of new work with you.                        All of these are made with […]

  • Oxygen

                          Sometimes people ask me what kind of set up I use for soldering. I like oxygen and propane, and use a Hoke torch. Today I am taking the empty oxygen tank into Aberdeen (the closest town to us of size, about 40 miles away)  to exchange it for a full one. About every couple […]